Laura Eagin

WordPress Developer, Teacher and Graphic Designer

marketing campaign design

Marketing Campaign

Over the course of three months, I crafted a marketing campaign and designed web and print materials for a Chicago based professional education client, HG Jones and Associates. Looking through their previous marketing materials, I found countless areas in which the communication and design could be improved. And, so we did just that. The focus…

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wordpress site developer

Custom WordPress Theme Development

When it comes to web development I build most websites as a custom theme for WordPress. These sites are hosted independently, giving the client complete control and access to the site. This is great for making server upgrades as traffic increases, managing security and it suits the needs of many types of businesses, large and small. Using…

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Branding and Website Design

An interior design business was about to be launched in early 2011. At that time, Anne approached the Savannah design firm for which I worked. She needed a brand look and a website, from scratch. Branding & Mood Boards First, the creative team explored different color palettes and we provided mood boards for Anne to see the unique…

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app mascot design

Designing an App Mascot

Animal mascots are a powerful way to make your brand a bit more personal, approachable, and easy to remember. Who doesn’t recognize the twitter bird icon?  Me, I love mail chimp’s monkey mailman. He is the happiest postal worker I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t imagine a better way to represent that brand. Kin Valley, a…

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custom shopify theme design

Custom Shopify Theme

Shopify is a great new platform for selling products online. In the same way that WordPress has open the doors for anyone to publish words and media easily, Shopify is making it super easy to create online shops. As a designer, I turn that boring starter theme into a perfectly customized eCommerce site for my…

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wordcamp wordpress speaker

WordCamp Speaker

I’ve attended a half dozen WordCamps. That’s right, I like to get together with my fellow WordPress enthusiasts and learn new tips and tricks and spend my saturday geeking out about web design and web development. In May I had the privilege to speak at WordCamp North Canton in Ohio. I wanted to share some…

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restaurant social media website

Website Designs

My specialty is to launch custom websites using the WordPress platform. I think you’ll find that these websites are so highly customized that no one would guess they are powered by WordPress. Why WordPress? It’s incredibly easy for my clients to update the content of their websites. This makes WordPress a great investment because you won’t…

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hair bows ecommerce

Shopify Site Design

I love it when clients come through recommendations, and even more when that second client recommends my services to another friend. That is exactly what happened with Unbowlievable, a small business run by entrepreneur, mom and bow-enthusiast Kristin. Kristin knew that her vision for her website needed a designer & developer to bring it all together.  She needed…

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Before + After

I love it when a client asks me to take an old, cluttered design and breathe new life into it. This online shop transformation is like night and day. This e-commerce site had a very dated look and a super busy layout. The text just seems to run together and it’s hard to focus on…

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Powerpoint Magician

Corporate presentations have a tendency to be ugly. Really ugly. After all, they’re often designed by business people rather than graphic designers. That’s when I step in. I’ve rescued the look of many an investor presentation, corporate presentation and even a TEDx talk. It’s not a glamorous job but it’s one that really can affect…

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Magazine layout designer

Magazine Layout Design

I’ve enjoyed designing layouts for several magazines. The combination of photography and typography is fun to work with. The schedule pushes you to both be creative and fast. The designs below were produced while I worked at a Washington DC Design Studio specializing in publication design. Our clients included national publications as well as industry-specific…

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Days of the week posters

These typographic posters were designed for a graduate school project at SCAD. The clever copywriting and photography is all mine. It’s a time capsule of my years in grad school… ah, to relive those sometimes awesome, sometimes grueling days.


Church Graphic Design

I love it when a client says “I trust you” and they really mean it.  Vineyard Christian Church has allowed me to re-launch a new website for them as well as create unique signage for their temporary church location.   When the church moved into an unmarked building in downtown Savannah, Vineyard Church needed signs to…

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Redesigning a website

Kin Valley, a startup founded in Savannah Georgia, contacted me with a challenge: Could I launch the website that they had just re-designed? They had very little time, and a lot of finishing touches to put in, and I would manage it all. It was a good first taste of life working for a startup…

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Kin Valley Brandbook

Kin Valley asked me to lead the effort in creating a new brandbook. I worked closely with an outside brand strategist and our art director to move this project to completion. Together we refined the mission statement of Kin Valley and we broke out six core values which we would feature in the brand book….

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Web Advertising

This children’s product company has come to me for web and marketing graphics since 2010. I enjoy the playfullness of the brand. I was able to create some unique advertisements for a campaign featuring “before and afters” of their product line. I enjoyed taking the original photographs, which had been shot on a white background,…

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B2B for E-Learning

Over the course of several years, I’ve designed marketing materials for Praxis Learning Networks, featuring their unique tools for e-learning. For the Encota brand we knew that we’d need to create a tradeshow display that could continue to be used in other events in the future. So I designed a three-panel display that could still…

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